Research Outline

Image Security and Compression Technology

In our current era, with the rapid increase in Internet-based services, such as cloud services and social networking services, issues surrounding image privacy and copyright are becoming increasingly important. Furthermore, while image resolutions and bit depths have increased and generation of high-quality images is now possible, the amount of data being used has also grown and compression methods, such as the widely used JPEG, have become essential. Our research laboratory tackles these issues by focusing on image security technology and compression technology and by conducting research about image processing methods that incorporate machine learning and color engineering.
Graduate students belonging to the Department of Imaging Sciences will research image technology from various viewpoints. We also collaborate with many research laboratories of foreign universities and actively engage in international collaborative research, dispatch students to study abroad, and accept students from foreign universities.  

Reversible Data Hiding

Reversible Data Hiding Applications

Special Color Printing

Compressible Encrypted Images

Images Retrieval in Encrypted Domain

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