Graduation Theses

“Partial Scrambling Method for JPEG2000 Images that Accommodates Color Space”
“Visual Compound Secret Sharing Scheme for Color Images”
“On Enhancing Sharpness by Grain Addition”
“Production of Pixel Art Using MDA Clustering and Coloring of Contour”
“Comparison of Image Representation and Receiver’s Impression”
“Study of Digitalization of Photograph Collections-Comparison of Luminous and Reflecting Types”
“Experimental Psychological Study of Aspects of Reality in Communication with Large Displays”

Master’s Theses

“Illusion of the Muller-Lyer Illusion Distorting Image”
“Partial-Scrambling Scheme for Palette-Based Images that Allows Scramble Degree Control”
“Investigation of High Dynamic Range Image Generation Method Designed for Scenes”
“Elucidation of Structure of Image Sensitivity Space”
“Dependence of Observation Time on One’s Impression of Faces”
“Effects of Grain Addition in Improving Sharpness”
“Boundary Between Photographs and Pictures”
“High Capacity Data Hiding Scheme Using Index Color Clustering”
“Study of Texture in the Memory Texture of Various Objects”

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