Graduation Theses

“Binocular Rivalry in Random Dot Stereograms”
“Factors that Produce Desirable Skin Color”
“Improvement of Multi-Bit Data Hiding Scheme for Palette-Based Images”
“Electroencephalogram Power Spectral Analysis of Effects of Grain Addition”
“Tamper Detection Method for JPEG2000 Encoded Images Using Reversible Data Hiding”
“Movement Angle-Dependence of Magnitude of Illusion in Ouchi Illusion”
“Enhancement of Impressions of Electronic Comics Due to Addition of Background Color”

Master’s Theses

“Investigation of Video Image Factors that Affect Communication with Large Displays”
“Establishment of ‘Worldwide’ Memory Color Research Method”
“Sharpness Improvement by Noise Addition and Relationship with Memory Texture”
“Hierarchical Scrambling Scheme for Palette-Based Image”

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